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Conversion of a Heating Plant into an Auditorium and Seminar Building in Aachen

Architect: IParch, D–Aachen
Structural engineering: Führer Kosch Jürgens, D–Aachen
1:2500 Site plan
1:250 Floor plans
1:250 Section
1:20 Vertical section
1:20 Horizontal section
Axonometric drawing Facade composition
In 2006 IParch conducted a study on possible use conversion of the entire complex and were commissioned to transform the filter unit into a campus lecture centre. The boiler building’s crude industrial aesthetic harmonises with the revitalised building part. Most of its mighty steel construction was maintained. However, integrating the required new functions into the existing geometry proved difficult. Precise planning aided by a 3D-model that permitted controlling and adapting floor heights, interior design, and lighting led to an optimal use of the existing construction. Yet, a number of beams had to be removed and replaced with new ones. Even though the construction costs required to integrate new uses correspond to the expenditure for a new building, the cost-benefit-effect of the conversion is positive, due to the large building mass maintained and savings generated by avoiding demolition.
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