Crystal Island in Moscow by Foster + Partners

The UK’s leading architectural firm Foster + Partners is planning to build the world’s largest single building in Moscow. The ambitious project called Crystal Island is meant to become a self-contained city within a city, including a rich mix of buildings and institutions.
The project of an unprecedented scale will cover a total floor area of 2.5 million square meters, and wil­l be situated o­n the Nagatino Peninsula, edged by the Moscow River. With its 450 m height it not only offers panoramic views over the city, but also creates a spectacular emblem on the Moscow skyline.  The building’s concept includes its c­haracteristic spiralling form, that ­rises in converse directions to form a diagonal grid. At the bottom the scheme is seamlessly integrated into a new park landscape, from which the staggered formations rise up to the top. The terraced-like façade will include a series of wintergardens, which form a breathable second layer and thermal buffer­ for the main building. Energy management is at the heart of the design, with additional strategies to include on-site renewable and low-carbon energy generation. 
Crystal Island will house a range of cultural, exhibition and performance facilities, such as museums, theatres and cinemas, as well as an international school for 500 students. A hotel, serviced apartments, offices and shops will also add to the mixture of private and public content.
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