The Rambla Climate House in Spain

The suburbs of Molina de Segura, a city in eastern Spain, extend into the arid, landslide-prone hills of Murcia. The Rambla Climate House rises on stilts above the craggy verge of a gorge, a place with the greatest degree of fecundity and biological abundance that would normally be sacrificed to the requirements of quick, standardized urban growth. The house is conceived as an elliptical ring whose spaces have been raised in order to make full use of the resources on the lot. These include the light and heat of the sun, the slope of the land and the proximity to the promenade. The project won the 2022 Living Places - Simon Architecture Prize.

You can find more information about the Rambla Climate House here.

Architecture: Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation + Miguel Mesa del Castillo

Video: Andrés Jaque/ Office For Political Innovation (OFFPOLINN) + Miguel Mesa del Castillo
Foto: © José Hevia


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