DETAIL Prize 2012: Hip House

Nominated for DETAIL Prize 2012: Hip House, Zwolle, Netherlands
Atelier Kempe Thill
Designed by Atelier Kemper Thill, the compact apartment block called "Hip House" in Zwolle in the Netherlands is 23 x 32 meters in size and has 8 subsidised residential units per floor. Due to a very small outer envelope compared to the ground area, it was possible to keep the construction costs low. A budget for a high-quality facade with anodized aluminium sections and glazing made for protection against the sun was therefore available. Depending on the vantage point, the building appears to have either a transparent or reflective envelope. The arrangement of the residential units on the outer edges of the building created the possibility of having a large atrium at no extra cost. Due to the limited budget, the atrium was consistently designed in the rugged manner of something unfinished. The result is a quiet and cool unit which, according to the architects, celebrates the "new poverty" of contemporary architecture. Anyone entering the apartments sees that luxury is not impossible, even in subsidized accommodation built for the economically disadvantaged. The units are well lit, have minimal room for movement, large living rooms and a free-standing kitchen block. Floor-to-ceiling windows open up a view of the surrounding landscape, while large sliding doors can transform rooms into airy terraces when opened.
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