DETAIL Prize 2012: Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm Centre

Nominated for DETAIL Prize 2012: Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm Centre, Berlin, Germany
Max Dudler
The new building of the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum in the centre of Berlin, designed by Max Dudler, accommodates the largest open-access library in Germany with a computer and media service. In order to make the library stand out in the surrounding urban landscape, part of the building towers over the typical level of Berlin building eaves to a height of up to 38 m. In order to create a striking entrance for the library, a city square was implanted in front of it to enrich the weave and weft of urban features in Berlin's Dorotheenstadt district. All 2.5 million media units can be reached from the staircase-like terraces of the central reading room in the interior. In spite of the building's immense depth and the density of its interior fixtures and furnishings, the library is extremely permeable and open. The reason for this is the consistent dimensional layout on which the architecture and furnishings are based. The peacefulness and clarity of the design is supported by a consciously adopted self-imposed limitation as regards the use of materials, shapes and colours. The face is composed entirely of glass and natural stone whereas the interior rooms are characterised by panelling made of cherry wood, black linoleum and dark-green surfaces on the furnishings. Reading tables and desk lights are an integral part of the design and were specially produced for the library.
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