DETAIL Prize 2012: Tramdepot Bern

Nominated for DETAIL Prize 2012: Tramdepot Bern, Switzerland
enzel Valier AG
Designed by Penzel Valier AG, the geometry of the hall in the new tram depot in Bern, Switzerland, has a regular strip shape and results from the operational need for a maximum, support-free parking area, based on the length of a tram type (42.5 m) and the requirements of curve radii, clearance profiles and safety distances. Along the entire length of the hall, the roof is supported by a lattice-like shed roof structure consisting of steel beams with span widths of up to 90 metres. A single row of supports separates the parking area from the service area with washing plant, wheel machine station and accommodation building, and also serves as vertical link between the underground cable duct and the electrical installations on the ceiling of the hall. For purposes of longitudinal reinforcement, the inner and outer supports are arranged in a V shape. As a basic design-endowing motif, they are reflected in the structure and rhythm of the facade. The exterior appearance is characterised by a glass-aluminium envelope.
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