DETAIL Prize 2012: Villa Vauban Museum – Art Gallery of the City of Luxembourg

Nominated for DETAIL Prize 2012: Villa Vauban Museum – Art Gallery of the City of Luxembourg
Diane Heirend & Philippe Schmit architects
Restoration of the historic Villa Vauban and the construction of a new extension by Diane Heirend & Philippe Schmit architects were completed in 2010. Villa Vauban – Musée d'Art de la Ville de Luxemburg – will now present works from the municipal art collection as well as temporary exhibitions. As a result of the architectural modification, it was possible to maximise the exhibition area without any deleterious effect on the historic elements of the original structure. A balance was found between the building components by placing approximately half of the extension underground. Due to a perforated red brass facade, the above-ground elements are immediately identifiable as parts of a public building. Large facade openings create views to the outside and enable passers-by to steal a glance into the museum's interior. Old and new exhibition rooms are harmonised with each other in a circular pathway, whereby the new entrance hall serves as a connecting element. The new gallery rooms overlap and intersect each other, are arranged in a slightly offset position and possess different qualities, e.g. for a sculpture exhibition, children's workshop, loggia or exhibition niches. In the interior, hammered concrete surfaces, etched translucent glass facades and oak floors give the indoor atmosphere its special character.
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