Digital Hotel Access

One of the first fully digitalised hotels in Germany is located north-west of Stuttgart and is called Das Schlafwerk. Code2-Order’s hotel services and Salto Systems’ hotel locking system are an essential part of the digital guest journey. Thanks to Code2Order’s Progressive Web App (PWA), check-in, registration forms, guest folders, check-out and mailings are all handled digitally. Guests access the PWA via a link sent by email or directly via the hotel’s website. The Salto electronic hotel locking system ­is used throughout the building. A total of 97 rooms and apartments as well as four common areas are equipped with wireless XS4 One fittings. A further twelve doors are passable only by staff thanks to virtually-networked XS4 One fittings. A wired online wall reader is located at the main ­entrance. Gateways, nodes ­and repeaters form the radio ­infrastructure. Access rights ­for guests are automatically granted by Salto’s access-management software on the basis ­of the booking data in Apaleo’s Property Management System (PMS).

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