05.11.2012 Florian Maier

Dutch National Steel Prize 2012

Out of 158 entries and 14 nominations, six projects have been chosen in different categories. The winners were announced on 4 October 2012.
Characteristic Building Element
Roof for courtyard at Scheepvaart Museum, Amsterdam
Architect: Ney & Partners
Utility building
Platform coverings at Arnhem Central, Arnhem
Architect: UNStudio Extended DETAIL report
Utility building
Bicycle parking ‘Fietsappel’, Alphen aan den Rijn
Architect: KuiperCompagnons
Residential building
Bag-a-Box, Almere
Architect: COURAGE architecten
Railroad bridge, Hattem-Zwolle
Architect: Quist Wintermans Architekten
More photos on the website of Nationale Staalprijs 2012

Industrial building
Cleanroom building 5D ASML, Veldhoven
Architect: Van Aken architecten
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