Eiffel Tower won't change its look

We are happy that the Eiffel Tower in Paris will keep its original shape and look. After most major media outlets – and we are admittedly included – fell for the hoax that the Eiffel Tower will receive a temporary extension to its top visitor’s platform, plans have now been officially denied.

It was an efficiently placed press release, good renderings and plausible arguments, all in all a great marketing coup by Serero Architects from Paris. They claimed they had won a competition to redesign the famous landmark and add temporarily an installation on top, on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the tower, so that it could double its capacities for visitors. Even if it was hard to believe, we wouldn’t put it past the French to do something like this. And so we were in good company. Reports were published by The Guardian, The New York Times, Archinect or BauNetz among many others. We officially apologize for this wrong information.
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