EXPO 2010 Shanghai - Danish Pavilion

Runtime: 2 min.

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One of the most popular visitor magnets of the EXPO 2010 surely is the Danish pavilion by BIG where visitors can ride a bicycle up a ramp to the viewing platform. Just a few years ago, bicycles still dominated the Chinese streetscape. Now that they have all but disappeared, automobile traffic has reached a point of near collapse and proposals are being put forward to reintroduce them. The Danes dismantled the symbol of their capital and placed it in the centre of their pavilion as main attraction. Bjarke Ingels designed a landscape made up of ramps encircling the mermaid. The eccentric, dynamic cantilevering double loop is made of welded steel plate and painted white, perhaps in reference to the ferries serving the Danish isles. When illuminated at night, the distribution of the pixellated portholes spells out Denmark.

Architects: BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, Copenhagen

Artist: Jeppe Hein, Berlin
Exhibition and branding: 2+1 Ideas Agency, Copenhagen/Shanghai
Engineering: ARUP

Camera: Frank Kaltenbach
Editing: Peter Popp

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