EXPO 2010 Shanghai - The Energy Source sphere in the German Pavilion

Runtime: 3 min.

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The Energy Source is the highlight of the German Pavilion. Here, the visitors set a huge sphere into motion. Film clips of an impressive seven-minute show.

The sphere is part of a pendulum suspended in the Energy Source. It has a diameter of three metres and a weight of 1,230 kg. Its surface is covered with approx. 1,500 LED modules. Two presenters invite the visitors to clap and shout. The sphere, which is equipped with an elaborate control technology begins to swing back and forth absorbing the audience’s energy. During the show, images, colours and shapes appear on it symbolising German ideas related to the EXPO topic of »Better City, Better Life«.

Architects: Schmidhuber + Kaindl
Exhibition design: Milla und Partner
Realisation: Nüssli

Camera: Frank Kaltenbach
Editing: Peter Popp

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