Fashion Center 'Labels II' in Berlin

The Swiss Architects of HHF have won the international competition for the Fashion Center 'Labels II' in Berlin on September 3rd, 2007. The new fashion center LABELS 2 is a concentration of showrooms and event halls of international fashion brands in one building, located on the river Spree next to MTV Europe and Universal Music.

The design is based on the use of two different cut sine curves, for the supporting structure as in a modified form with sine waves also for the design of the facade. With that the structure and rhythm is the formative motive for the perception of the whole building. The specific design creates distinctive spaces for the future tenants even if they cannot afford time and effort to do more interior design. The strategy for the design is based on the neighbouring historical warehouse. Also in this building the interior appearance is strongly characterized by the arched windows used in the facade.
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