Flower Market in Barcelona

The new flower market is situated close to the airport of Barcelona. Seen from the above, the various bays of the roof resemble fields of planting. The internal space houses three different markets. The section for cut flowers is fitted with cooling spaces where temperatures of 2–15 °C can be maintained. Pot plants are traded on the other side of the market. Since the turnround period is 15 days here, this realm can also be used as a storage and greenhouse area. The roughly 4,000 m2 heatable industrial floor and the passive cooling system, which also regulates the humidity of the air, guarantee temperatures of 15 – 26 °C. Between these two sections is the market for planting equipment, accessories and dry flowers. Large areas for storage were required here. More stringent fire-protection had to be implemented generally, the relevant data for which were provided by the previous building on the site, which burnt down in 2001.
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