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Forums and spezial shows to cover key themes at BAU 2013

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In addition to booth presentations by exhibitors, forums and special shows will also be held at BAU to cover and illustrate the trade fair’s key themes. BAU is organizing these in close collaboration with highly regarded partners.
Urban Intelligence: “Tomorrow Town”
Increasing urbanization, a changing climate, the energy turnaround, dwindling resources and demographic change are all big issues facing the world today. Cities and local authorities have a key role to play in meeting these 21st century challenges. In its special show (Hall C2, Booth 135), the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance will present product and system solutions for a liveable, sustainable and future-capable “TomorrowTown”.

Universal Design: Particular challenges for building components
Universal design is a concept aimed at en-suring products are designed and manufactured so that they can be easily used by the largest-possible number of people. Trends such as demographic change are bringing universal design into the spotlight in the building industry. In designing houses, rooms and building components, it is becoming ever more important to ensure that these are easy to use and flexible. This special show, which BAU is organizing in cooperation with ift Rosenheim, illustrates using product examples the specific implications universal design will have for building components such as windows, doors and gates. The show will take place in Hall A4 on an area of around 200 m2.

Building for life: Cost-effective, flexible and convenient
This special show, held in cooperation with the GGT (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik - German Association for Gerontechnology) in Hall A4, will be all about how to design buildings and products for all generations, and what products and materials are required for this. The display focus this time will be on comfort. On around 200 square meters of space in Hall A4, a show apartment will be constructed, with full-scale, multifunctional and flexible rooms fitted out with products that suit young and old alike.

DGNB Special Show: Sustainable building products.
In its special show, the DGNB (German Sus-tainable Building Council) will be giving ar-chitects and planners decision tools they can use when choosing sustainable building products. Using examples of completed and certified projects, the display will illus-trate the relevance of building products for the construction, operation and certification of sustainable buildings. It will also exhibit specific solutions that illustrate the effect of building products on building performance and the certification result.
Forum B0: Pushing back borders
Forum B0 will concentrate on the big themes for the construction sector.
  • Sustainability and dwindling resources
  • Energy generation and energy efficiency in Germany, Europe and the world
  • Intelligent networking of buildings
  • Demographic change and universal design.

Because these major themes can be viewed and analyzed from a number of different angles, we are working with three partners in this forum: The German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance, and the Bundesarbeitskreis Altbauerneuerung (BAKA), a working group on renovation and modernization. Another focus in this forum is the modernization and renovation of buildings. In the lectures given by the Bundesarbeitskreis Altbauerneu-erung (BAKA, a working group on renova-tion and modernization), attention will focus on how to improve existing buildings to meet the challenges of the future.
Forum Hall A6, Part 1: “World-spanning, solutions-oriented”
This forum in Hall A6 will look at the role of the architect now and in the future. In Part 1, which BAU is organizing in cooperation with the architecture journal AIT, several themes will be covered – each relevant to architects around the world and of fundamental interest to the building industry.

The keywords are:
  • transcontinental cultural change in architecture
  • worldwide climate change and the response in architecture  globalization in the architecture of medical facilities
  • international sports events and national ­architectural competence
  • trends in the architecture of office blocks around the world.

Forum Hall A6, Part 2: “Integrated, inter-disciplinary, visionary”
“DETAIL research” is a contacts platform run by the architectural journal DETAIL. It focuses on development issues and scenarios on the future of building. Architects and other professionals from industry, university research and politics exchange views in the DETAIL research network. DETAIL collects, structures, assesses and communicates these results on a cross-media basis. At BAU a few of the themes in architectural research will be presented by architects, researchers and industry representatives. A trend panel will present an overview of the current status of research. Forum Hall C2: “The Future of Building”
At the forum entitled “Future of Building”, leading planners, architects and construction engineers from around the world will explain, using project examples, the nature of design and construction in the future. Each day this forum will examine the different themes that will have a significant impact on construction in the future.
Supporting Programme

Here are some highlights of the Supporting Programme of BAU 2013:

Archi-World Academy: Internships with top architects
Two years ago, BAU and the Archi-Europe Group launched the world’s biggest competition for architecture students: The Archi-World Academy. Architecture students and young architects from around the world were invited to submit energy-saving pro-jects and concepts for the future, with winners being awarded internships with major international architectural practices. The prize ceremony, at which at least some of the VIP jurors will be present, will take place on January 16 at BAU.

Young people train… for World Skills
WorldSkills is the name given to the profes-sional championships for young employees in skilled trades from all over the world. The next international WorldSkills championships will take place in July 2013 in Leipzig. Visitors to BAU can enjoy a preview of the event when the German national construction industry team consisting of masons, plasterers, tilers and carpenters gathers together at the trade fair in Munich for a public training session.

“The Long Night of Architecture”
Another highlight will be the “Long Night of Architecture”, organized for the first time at BAU 2011. In 2013 it will once again be held during BAU on Friday, January 18, with visitors able to visit to the city’s most attractive and important buildings. The event is all the more fascinating because it takes place at night. Between 18:30 and midnight, free shuttle buses will operate between the buildings, with passengers able to get on and off at any time. Inside the buses architecture students will provide information on upcoming buildings. In addition to the tours of the buildings, which are open to all, there will also be a number of guided tours with specific focuses as part of the supporting programme for exhibitors and visitors to BAU. These tours will start at the exhibition center, and registration is required in advance. For participants from abroad, there are special group arrangements, with guided tours and explanations in foreign languages. Further information can be found online at: www.lange-nacht-der-architektur.de

BAU 2013 – which in 2013 will celebrate its 20th anniversary - will take place from 14 to 19 January in the Munich Trade Fair Center.
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