Fractional Systems. Garage Project II

The Garage Top will be inaugurated by a video program showcasing works by young
contemporary artists. Designed by Los Angeles architecture firm SPACE
International, the new Garage Top resembles a black box cantilevered above the ground floor garages. Clad in Wetsuit, a dark industrial material used for waterproofing, and fronted by a wall of translucent, sliding window panels, the new addition stands distinct from the original structures of R.M. Schindler’s 1939 Pearl M. Mackey Apartments.

The Mackey Garages are located at 1137 South Cochran in Los Angeles. Fractional Systems. Garage Project II will be on view Wednesday through Sunday 11 a.m. To 6 p.m. through September 25. There is no charge for admission.
“The garage remains a garage. A simple, pragmatic and independent solution: straightforward garage aesthetics with an open-space garage top. The building complex itself is autonomous from Schindler’s original architecture (1939).”
Peter Noever, Director MAK Vienna / Art Director of the Garage Project

Artist Raymond Pettibon of Los Angeles, known for his dark, pop culture-informed vision and wideranging output in film, performance, music, and especially, large format drawings, dealing mercilessly with contemporary culture ever since the late 1970s, plans to use his garage as a studio for the duration of the exhibition.
Similarly, Viennese artist Franz Graf plans to produce a work in progress on-site, inspired by the garages and by Los Angeles. The deliberately conceptual oeuvre of Franz Graf breaks through the boundaries delineating both genres and media. The artist networks drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations and space concepts, as well as works involving text and sound, to form materialized thought formations.

The next ENTERprise is the Vienna architecture studio of Marie-Therese Harnoncourt and Ernst J. Fuchs. In their garage, the next ENTERprise will present “The Tangibility of Looking,” “associative fragments” of their work, ranging from experimental to built projects but all informed by their interest in the body’s role in the perception of architecture. Among the exhibited works will be an inflatable object designed for outdoors, “Trinkbrunnen” (drinking fountain), that provides a space to use for icing drinks, and an acoustic intervention incorporated in their garage unit.
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