Garden Pavilion in Soest

In this historical village and conservation area in the Netherlands, the only permissible way of extending a housing structure built in 1782 was in the form of a free-standing pavilion.

A glazed ceiling strip creates a visual link between the concrete basement and the upper level, the structure of which consists of 15 framed larch trusses. The roof and the north facade are clad with shiplap boarding, while the glazed south face affords a view of the village and the landscape. Sunshading is provided by six sliding louvred elements. On the south and east sides is a partially covered terrace. The central core accommodates the staircase and mechanical services, as well as sliding doors that pide the space in two.
rooijakkers + tomesen architecten, Amsterdam
Theo Rooijakkers, Paddy Tomesen
Project architects:
Luuk Dietz, Somayeh Chitchian
Structural Engineer:
Boorsma, Drachten (Statik)
T. J. van de Belt, Leusden (Ausführung)
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