Glass Construction

Glass has always been one of the most appealing construction materials available to architects. And that’s not surprising when you consider that glass elements or glazed openings dictate how daylight enters and affects a building’s interior. In addition, every decision regarding the implementation of glass on a building is relevant for the energy balance. Both the creative and the technological development of glass remain fascinating – the possibilities are far from being exhausted. This magazine includes examples of architecturally successful uses of glass alongside articles about the technology used to bend or fix it. In light of DETAIL’s 50th anniversary, Christian Schittich looks back at a milestone in the development of glass technology with a ‘second review’ of the Broadfield House Glass Museum in Kingswinford, UK, which was completed in 1994. A further contribution comes from Spanish architect Enrique Sobejano – recent recipient of the Aga Khan Award – in an interview with DETAIL about his architectural approach.
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