Global Design Agenda 2021 – hosted by Architonic

Photo: Architonic

New for 2021! Architonic hosts the Global Design Agenda – the architects’ programme of focus weeks for planning insights, market trends and product launches.

2020 has been a challenging one. There’s no doubt about it. Which is why it’s all the more important to regain some focus in 2021.

Architonic has spoken with architects, planners, design professionals and brands from its global community to understand their changing needs and priorities. As a result, we have launched an exciting new programme of 16 focus weeks – starting in January – each dedicated to a specific product category or branch.

Why a Global Design Agenda?

One of the major benefits of digitalisation for all of us has been the freedom to choose where and when we get our information. Indeed, this is Architonic’s very raison d’etre!

Nonetheless, we’ve realised that – even for a 24/7 service like architonic.com – there’s a need for the industry year to have some kind of structure, to enable an even greater productive engagement with specific themes. The Global Design Agenda, hosted by Architonic, lends the annual A&D calendar an efficient and inspiring rhythm, and, in doing so:

* supports design manufacturers and other brands in launching their new products and telling their stories in a concentrated way;
* and brings more value to our professional users internationally via a segment-specific ‘bundling’ of industry news, information and insight.

„We believe that the Global Design Agenda will help generate a powerful momentum of collective awareness among our visitors, clients and teams during our focus weeks“ – Tobias Lutz, Managing Director, Architonic

Who does the Global Design Agenda serve?

Design weeks include, among others, Sustainability Design Week, Surface Design Week,  Lighting Design Week,  Office Design Week and  Construction Design Week, where Architonic’s users are invited to dive into rich and relevant curated content – features, video stories, discussions – across our multiple channels, and be kept up to date with selected brands’ talking points in our daily Architonic newsletter.

Manufacturers, meanwhile, are given the opportunity to participate in branch-specific, Architonic-led industry webinars that will cover today’s challenges in digital marketing.

What are the themes of the focus weeks and when are they?

25 JAN (CW4) /Furniture, 08 FEB (KW4) /Public space, 01 MAR (KW4) /Technology, 15 MAR (KW4) /Lighting, 29 MAR (KW4) /Bathroom, 19 APR (KW4) /Kitchen 03 MAY (KW4) /Textiles, 17 MAY (KW4) /Flooring, 31 MAY (KW4) /Outdoor, 21 JUN (KW4) /Sustainability, 06 SEP (KW4) /Furniture, 29 SEP (KW4) /Surface, 11 OCT (KW4) /Lighting, 25 OCT (KW4) /Office, 15 NOV (KW4) /Construction


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