Green Building - Guidebook for Sustainable Architecture

Prof. Dr. Michael Bauer, Peter Mösle and Dr. Michael Schwarz offer a Green Building guide for principals, architects and planners. The English-language edition of their book entitled “Green Building – Guidebook for Sustainable Architecture” has been published by Springer.

An important consideration for energy-efficient buildings is their primary energy requirements over the entire life cycle. How to determine this? What integrative factors influence the performance of a healthy and sustainable building? This, while it may be important for clients and architects to know, is frequently not very transparent.

This book has been written to assist with clarifying target criteria and expanding horizons when it comes to ecological buildings. It is meant as a handbook and source of reference for clients, architects, planners and building operators, to provide them with pertinent information about their design, construction and operation: how to do this in the most energy-efficient and economical manner?

The publication uses numerous examples from practice to show new approaches to economical and ecologically sustainable planning, construction and operation of Green Buildings. The authors give offer technical solutions and take a close look at ecologically designed buildings. Interviews with architects and principals of high-profile buildings show that energy efficiency and impressive architecture are not mutually exclusive. The energy concepts presented in the book are exemplary for the implementation of future Green Buildings. The publication also includes suggestions for the assessment of Green Buildings and thus serves as a basis for discussion of future evaluation criteria for Green Buildings.

Green Building
Guidebook for Sustainable Architecture
Bauer, Michael; Mösle, Peter; Schwarz, Michael
Original German edition published by Callwey Verlag, Munich, 2007
Approx. 215 p. 100 illus. in color., Dustjacket
ISBN: 978-3-642-00634-0
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