Hadid-Design for "PolyU Innovation Tower"

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has appointed Zaha Hadid Architects as Architect of its new "Innovation Tower". Zaha Hadid presented her design at a press conference in Hong Kong on the 12th of December.

PolyU's new "Innovation Tower" will serve as a driving force in the development of Hong Kong as a design hub in Asia. The new Tower will also provide additional space to facilitate inter-disciplinary research and education in the field of design and will be the first permanent architectural work of Zaha Hadid in Hong Kong. The new Tower will be located at the northeastern tip of the university campus. Construction work will begin in 2009 and the whole project is expected to be completed by end 2011. Upon completion, the Tower will provide some 12,000 square metres of net operational floor area and able to accommodate about 1,800 staff and students. The new Tower will house the School of Design (SD) and support the development of its specialisms, namely Environmental Design, Industrial and Product Design, Visual Communication, Advertising as well as Digital Design. It will provide a congenial environment to support SD staff and students in their pursuit of excellence. In this new "Innovation Tower", there will also be a Museum to showcase local and international design classics; and a public gallery to exhibit works of staff and students of SD as well as local talents.
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