Halley VI Research Station

On 8 December a ship will leave Cape Town in South Africa. On board will be the components of the newest Halley Research Station designed by Faber Maunsell and Hugh Broughton Architects for the British Antarctic Survey, Halley VI.

The Ernest Shackleton has just finished loading cargo in Cape Town and set sail a few days ago heading for Halley. She is due to arrive before Christmas, but first has to work her way through a great deal of ice to reach the Halley coast. The Amderma, our huge cargo ship is now loading cargo in Cape Town, and will follow the Shackleton south in a few days time.
Before any actual module service fabrication can take place, the whole module is modelled in 3D. This is the ensure that none of the services clash, while also checking and adjusting the layout design to give the most efficient use of space.
The steelwork and external envelope of the building is being constructed in South Africa by a Consortium called Antarctic Marine & Climate Centre (AM&CC).
In order to speed up construction on site, many of the rooms will be constructed as fully furnished pods in the UK and then just slotted into place on site. Bathroom, bedroom and plant room pods are already under construction.
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