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Karlsplatz 3
DE - 80335 München

Tel.: + 41 71 544 66 88
E-Mail: info@heliobus.com

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Daylight is our passion
Heliobus builds visionary with natural light: inspired by nature - solution-oriented for the future.

Providing interiors with sufficient daylight has been the mission of Heliobus since its foundation. For 20 years, we have been guiding daylight to where it is needed, where people live and work. Our innovative solutions intelligently bring vital energy into dark, trapped rooms, basements or underground infrastructures. In this way, Heliobus meets the challenges of continuing urbanisation and the associated trend towards denser building. The innovative use of natural daylight in interior spaces brings well-being, enables the full utilisation of space and is a sustainable, energy-neutral and thus future-oriented project.


Dr. Miroslav Fabian

Tel.: + 41 71 544 66 93
E-Mail: m.fabian@heliobus.com


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