Highly efficient sun-protection louvres

Köster Lichtplanung
Integraldesign für Tageslicht und Kunstlicht
Dr.- Ing. Helmut Köster
Karl-Bieber Höhe 15
D-60437 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49 69 507464-0
Fax: +49 69 507465-0
E-Mail: info@koester-lighting-design.com www.koester-lighting-design.com
The Retrolux louvre is a macro-structured daylight system. It has a W-shaped reflector on the exterior to fade out the overheating summer sun and, on the inside, a light scoop to improve the inflow of daylight. The 50 mm wide slats are threaded onto looped cords to form blinds whereas the 20 mm slats are installed rigidly, or as a blind, in insulating glass. Retrolux technology is also offered in a special design for external use. The upper side of the louvres is highly reflective, and the undersides are white. These optically elegant systems provide a high level of comfort and the savings made can pay off within five years. The Retroflex louvre with a micro-mirror structure on the concave upper side of the slat is a micro-structured system from the same development office. It creates a focal point outside the facade and, in this way, directs the overheating sun away from the glass.
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