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Architecture knows no bounds; the field of work has become more accessible due to increasing globalization and the challenge of construction abroad is a desirable idea for the future of many practices. The international playing field offers opportunities for many architectural practices but also has its restrictions within the rules; every country has its own architects' society and its own rules and it appears that the free trade market only partially exists. In the 90's Dutch architecture was a well-known export product and this cleared the way for many architectural practices who would like to work internationally today. What are the experiences of foreign practices with respect to the Dutch market and do they also see the foreign market as accessible? Is there still talk of Dutch architecture that manages to distinguish itself from other countries? SCHUNCK* is organising a series of lectures that investigate the position of Dutch architectural practices in the international sphere and the experiences of construction across the borders. Various architects will speak and present their own vision on this subject from their experience and enthusiasm. How has Dutch architecture developed in the international sphere and to what extent does Dutch architecture contribute to the international architecture discussion today? How great are the export-ambitions of international architectural practices and how does this relate to the ambitions of Dutch architectural practices? These questions and more will be discussed in the closing debate between various journalists of internationally well-known architecture magazines. Holland Export will investigate the experiences of Dutch architects abroad and is intended for everyone who is interested in the position of Dutch architecture. 18 November : Jeroen Schipper (JSA) 25 November: Maike van Stphout (DS Landschapsarchitecten) 02 December: Frits van Dongen (de Architekten Cie.) 09 December: Bjarne Mastenbroek (SeARCH) 16 December: International journalist debate The series of lectures will be concluded with a debate between architecture journalists and critics who have been following the developments in the field of architecture and town planning for many years. During the debate, these developments will be viewed from a local and foreign perspective, headed by Christian Schittich (chief editor of DETAIL). How great are the export ambitions of international architectural practices and how does this relate to the ambitions of Dutch architectural practices? The panel consists of international journalists: Harm Tilman, Marit Overbeek (chief editor and editor of De Architect), Kieran Long (chief editor of The Architectural Review), Axel Sowa (editor of L'Architure d'Aujourd'hui) and Jaap Huisman (chief editor of SMAAK magazine). Lectures (Dutch language): 18, 25 November & 02, 09 December (admission 3 euro) Architecture debate (English language): 16 December (admission free), 19.30 hrs SCHUNCK* Architecture, Film hall, Bongerd 18, 6411 JM Heerlen
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