Hotel in Valldal

Curtain up for the beauty of the north! On the way from the Norddalsfjord to the mountaineering community of Andalsnes, the popular and picturesque Gudbrandsjuvet gorge invites travellers to linger awhile. Platforms designed by the architects offer spectacular views of the upper reaches of the roaring river; and inspired by the idea of bringing visitors as close as possible to nature, the Juvet Landscape Hotel was created in the valley below. The hotel rooms are housed in a number of simple pavilions scattered about the area of a former farm. What may at first sight appear to be a random arrangement is, in fact, the outcome of careful planning. Each of the seven pavilions takes account of the vegetation and topography in the form of its individual layout, as a result of which visitors enjoy unique, unimpeded views of the landscape. Some of the full-height panorama windows frame superb prospects of the river and the mountains; in other cases, the scenes of rocks and vegetation are conducive to contemplation.
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