House in Chevannay, France

Mitarbeiter des Büros Curjel & Moser vor dem Modell der Christuskirche in Karlsruhe, Aufnahme um 1897, gta Archiv Zürich

This 19th-century barn is divided by load-bearing cross-walls into three bays, each 55 m2 in area. This prompted the design of a house for different seasonal uses and the execution of the work in three separate stages. The “winter house” in the first bay is insulated and fully equipped with electrical and sanitary installations. The old threshing floor in the middle forms a transitional zone for the changes of season. The barn doors have been removed to create an open gateway through the building, and individual glass roof tiles allow daylight to enter from above. A plywood-clad porch in front of the glazed archway to the winter house, forms the actual entrance. The third section, not yet executed, will be used as a “summer house”.
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