House in Waidhofen

The roof of an existing house was removed, and a further storey with a terrace was added on top. The new timber-frame structure cantilevers out to afford a panoramic view. Clad in dark-grey fibre-cement shingles, the extension takes up the lines of the neighbouring building.

The solid existing structure houses the bedrooms and bathroom, as well as a library, where a curved wall now masks the basement stairs. The staircase to the upper level emerges in the middle of the long, new living space. The restrained character of the extension is reflected in the modest materials used – exposed concrete, screeds and cement-bonded chipboard. The openings in the walls form the spatially dominant elements.

Hertl.Architekten, Steyr
Project architects:
Lothar Bauer, Astrid Meyer
Structural Engineer:
Kristian Zeller, St. Valentin
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