Housing in Ludwigsburg

Sixty publicly funded dwellings were realized for a wide range of users in this quiet inner-city location. Built between developments dating from the 1950s, the blocks are clearly laid out around three half-open courtyards. The dwellings, with 1-3 rooms and extending over two-storeys in part, receive daylight from two sides. The economic yet spacious layouts are not immediately legible from the façades. On the west faces, the loggias to the living rooms are enclosed by sliding window elements. The bedrooms can be darkened by means of glass sliding shutters with enamelled rear faces. The tree-lined courtyards are linked to the street via flights of stairs and to the gardens to the south via covered open areas. Naturally ventilated garage spaces are provided in the plinth storey beneath the courtyards. Because of the poor load-bearing capacity of the subsoil, 1,100 broken-stone piles were constructed to strengthen the foundations. The outer walls of the blocks are in lightweight brickwork with pigmented mineral rendering. Depending on the weather conditions, the wall surfaces may appear to undergo tonal changes. In contrast, the south-facing walls overlooking the gardens are clad with prefabricated untreated timber elements with integrated wood sliding shutters and small, coloured precast concrete balconies. The fenestration consists of timber frames and heat-absorbing glass. In exposed situations, wood and aluminium casements were used.
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