Inside 2/2017 (Kopie 1)

Two unprepossessing staircases lead underground to a room full of water with almost no daylight. At the end of an 80m-long corridor a light shines that appears to get imperceptibly larger with every step. The journey is one of pure cinematic suspense and leads into a ­dramatically fine-tuned experience that is both thought-provoking and surprising.For ”The Water”, an installation in Frederiksberg’s ­Cisterns, Hiroshi Sambuichi overlaid Copenhagen’s most unusual exhibition venue with motifs from his Japanese homeland in a gently teasing game of spatial reflections.

The art of creating a space with a lasting effect on the viewer is our focus in this issue of DETAIL inside. Whether labyrinthine, linear, spectral or sculptural, the spirit of classical set design is present in the projects covered, as is the examination of artistic strategies. Holzer Kobler’s multi-layered spaces of reflection move the audience but also encourage them to deal with complex exhibition content. A more purist understanding of scenography on the other hand is demonstrated in Gonzalez Haase’s transparent gallery and retail spaces where there’s a close interplay between light and space. How provocative or restrained an interior ­scenography is perceived as being is, of course, primarily in the eye of the beholder. Curtain up!
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