Kiesler-Price for Toyo Ito

On October 16th at 11 am Japanese architect Toyo Ito will be awarded the 6th Austrian Friedrich Kiesler Price for Architecture and Arts by Dr. Andreas Mailath-Pokorny, Viennese councilman for science and culture, at the senate conference room at the town hall.

The international Jury established from Sabine Breitwieser, Thomas Demand, Jörg Gleiter, Bart Lootsma and András Pálffy award Toyo Ito this price for “excellent achievements, which are consistent with the innovative conception of Friedrich Kiesler and his theory of ‚correlated arts’. Since 1998 the Kiesler-Price is awarded alternate by the Austrian Republic and Vienna.
Toyo Ito`s architecture convinced with its permanent engagement with basic architectural questions, he tries to solve concerning the social and cultural effectiveness. In the 1980s Ito`s architecture emerged through its “conceptional facileness, concerning construction, material and colour”. Since the 1990s he temps to connect architecture and nature across modernistic concepts.
After the awards show for the first time the Kieler-Lecture will be taken place at the Audi Max at Technical University Vienna at 19 pm. The Lecture given by Toyo Ito will be arranged by  Kiesler Donation and András Pálffy, the professor for architecture and design at Technical University. Furthermore the exhibition “Toyo Ito_Fluid Space“ will open, which presents an assortment of Ito`s  most famous projects. Before Toyo Ito other great architects like Olafur Eliasson, Asymptote, Cedric Price, Judith Barry and Frank O. Gehry have been awarded the Kiesler-Price.
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