The versatile components of the “Duck” prefabricated system allow the construction of a variety of kiosks, ranging from newspaper and information stands to service offices and structures for small itinerant exhibitions. The name of the system is derived from the yellow floor slabs. “Duck” objects are pieces of urban furniture rather than built structures and fit into any situation. Each element has a clearly defined, legible function. Based on a module of 1.20 m (2.40 m in the case of larger objects), the kiosk can be extended on all four sides. Ancillary or extension modules such as the entrance door, the display and sliding sales units, and the folding shutter element can be added to the basic structure as required. All connections are mechanical, so that changes can be made without outside help. The columns and transverse members of the basic structure and the frames of the ancillary modules consist of extruded aluminium sections with rubber seals. The floor and roof elements are timber-braced sheet-metal panels. The electrical installation is also contained in the roof panels. The floor can be adjusted in height.
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