Less cleaning through hydrophilic surface processing

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Hydrophobic coatings on tiles repel water and dirt; they have to be cleaned less frequently and, thereby, save water and cleaners. A new hydrophilic – water friendly – surface processing by the Deutsche Steinzeug tile producers uses the opposite effect; water is not repelled but distributed as a thin extensive film that flows under the dirt that can then be easily removed. Titanium dioxide is burned into the glaze of tiles produced with ‘Hydrotect’. This functions as a catalyser for a reaction between light, oxygen and air humidity, has an antibacterial effect and decomposes bad odours. The most important advantage compared with conventional coatings is the durability in the face of mechanical damage and false cleaning. The properties of the tiles are a part of the resistant glazing, advantages such as abrasion strength, resistance to chemicals etc, remain intact.
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