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LOUISIANA c/o makes its debut as a concept with the exhibition The Architect’s Universe – Jørn Utzon: Processes and visions, which opens in Venice on 10th September. The exhibition forms part of the official programme of the Architecture Biennale 2008, Out There: Architecture Beyond Building Vol.2.

With the concept LOUISIANA c/o the Louisiana Museum wants to move the museum and the presentation traditions it stands for into other settings than Humlebæk permits – including venues outside Denmark. This is a new way of conceiving museums in a globalized world, with the aim of drawing attention to the Louisiana Museum as an international art institution.

This year Jørn Utzon turns 90, and the exhibition is thus also a tribute to the distinctive, visionary work for which the Danish architect is famous.

Thematic exhibition
The exhibition is built up of a number of themes with the focus on experimental processes and modes of expression that illustrate phases of development in Utzon’s oeuvre. The exhibition looks beyond the architect’s well known buildings and shows the deliberations and sources of inspiration that underlie the his thinking.

Among other things we can see how Utzon uses nature as a principle of structure, form and growth, and how daylight becomes a material that can be formed and moulded. The exhibition also shows how Utzon has studied and been influenced by building traditions from many continents and periods; and not least, the exhibition will reveal the visions for ways of dwelling and living that give Utzon’s architecture its playful, ‘human’ character.

The exhibition combines various media with original material – partly lent to us by Utzon himself – in a form specifically created for the exhibition in the Palazzo Franchetti.

The Architect’s Universe – Jørn Utzon
Processes and visions
10/9 – 2/11/2008

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