Materials, Texture, Ornament

Ornaments have always been a key part of architecture. Classic modernity rejected ornaments in the 1920s, while in the 1990s they were avoided by minimalists. In recent years, however, they have enjoyed a remarkable renaissance. It is often computer-generated patterns, which are sometimes applied to the materials by numerical tools. In contrast to traditional ornaments, today we rarely see additive applications, rather patterns that are directly integrated into the surface. The variety of materials seems to be limitless, ranging from plaster, concrete, metal and wood, to glass and plastics. The processes are becoming ever more refined: CNC milling, Fotbeton, laser cutting and print techniques to name but a few. Particularly interesting to note is the combination of different techniques and materials on one project, as Herzog and de Meuron elegantly demonstrate in the luxury apartments on 40 Bond Street in New York.
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