24.07.2012 Florian Maier

MEDS – European meeting of design students in Ljubljana

This year’s MEDS will take place in Slovenia’s capital from 5 – 17 August 2012. The capacity will be increased to 250 students from all over Europe.

The aim of the event is to share knowledge, ideas and experiences with students from many design disciplines. Projects, which students will send in until a specified date, will be chosen by competition to run as workshops. During the workshops, students will realize their projects in small groups. The main focus of the workshop is to get know the materials and construction methods while working alongside students with different skills, knowledge and experiences.
The title of MEDS 2012 is ‘senseABILITY’. Long time ago we were incorporated into the city. We were watching, hearing, observing our surroundings. Now we do not need to sense it any more. We have a lot of tools helping us and guiding us through the city without our awareness of the space. Through traffic lights, zebra crossings, pavements it has become unnecessary for traffic participants to observe each other. Our view is diverted by advertisements, we do not want to smell because the air is polluted by traffic, and so on. So all our senses except for the sight are abandoned. Let's change this and regenerate our senses.

Do you recognize the voice of your street? Do you know the smell of the river? Can you enjoy the touch of grass?  Do we utilize the full potential of our senses? We should. With these considerations  of senses we suddenly land in the world of people who developed their senses in fullness. Entering the world of handicapped, recreating their world could improve our own sensABILITY and at the same time make us aware of their world.
MEDS is an international association developed by and for design students from different European countries. It was founded in 2010 with an aim to bring together European students of architecture, interior architecture, industrial design, graphic design to work on the same project on an international level and explore practical world of designing. With this idea MEDS organizes an annual event, usually lasting ten days, which takes place each summer in a different European city.

More information and application on www.meds-workshop.com
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