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“Mobile Smile” – the Prefabricated House for Disaster Victims in Japan

Architects: Atelier Tekuto, J–Tokio
Structural engineering: Suwa architects + engineers, J–Tokio
1:100 Floor plan standard type
1:100 Section standard type
1:250 Alternative forms of constructio
1:20 Horizontal section
1:20 Vertical section
Fabricated in a central location, they can be erected as temporary dwellings on an unaffected site while the infrastructure is being restored. Later, they can be transported to a familiar environment and set on solid foundations as permanent homes. Different forms of construction allow the houses to be adapted to various needs: they can be used as mobile clinics, as multi-purpose spaces and as sanitary facilities for voluntary-aid workers.
All types are based on the same principles:
a pitched roof to convey a sense of security; the use of solid timber internally and externally; good natural air circulation; maximum daylighting; a large, high living space (roughly 40 m2); and an insulated outer skin.­
After the tsunami catastrophe in 2011, the government refused permission for the erection of new buildings in many affected areas. Nevertheless, voluntary-aid workers need accommodation. The architects therefore suggest the use of a “mobile smile” building in the form of a transportable emergency hotel.
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