Modular Fire Door

Foto: Heroal

Heroal FireXtech D 93 FP is a comprehensive fire protection system that is CE-certified as an EI2 30 fire protection closure including with smoke protection classification S200/Sa as per product standard EN 16034 in outdoor application. In indoor use, the system achieves its EI2 30 classification by allowing all fire-relevant additional components to be retrofitted to or in the prefabricated leaf or frame elements. This means that even higher fire resistance classes up to EI2 90 will be possible in the future thanks to the modular system design. EI2 60 or EI2 90 classifications can then be realised with the same system with just a few additional measures. There are standardised system solutions for escape and rescue routes, sound insulation and burglar resistance. Due to the construction depth of 93 mm, it is possible to realise panes or fillings up to 65 mm, including triple insulating glass with larger interpane gaps.

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https://detail-cdn.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/media/catalog/product/h/e/heroal-FireXtech-D93FP-TRAILER-GR.jpg?width=437&height=582&store=de_en&image-type=image https://detail-cdn.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/media/catalog/product/h/e/heroal-FireXtech-D93FP-TRAILER-KL.jpg?width=437&height=582&store=de_en&image-type=image
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