Monument of Victory in Israel

Till January 31st 2011 can be hand in proposals for the design of a national monument in Netanya, Israel, marking the Red Army's victory over Nazi Germany. Architects, designers and artists are invited to present offers to the jury panel.

The State of Israel and the Jewish people owe a debt of profound gratitude and appreciation to the Russian people and the Red Army for their fighters’ sacrifice and heroism, which brought victory over the Nazi enemy in World War II.

The Russian people and the fighters of the Red Army were the decisive factors in defeating Nazism and ceasing the genocide of the Jewish people in the concentration and extermination camps in Europe, which contributed to the establishment of the State of Israel three years after the victory over Nazi Germany. The strong link between the victory over Nazi Germany and the revival of the Jewish people in Israel is firmly rooted in the Israeli public’s mind. An unbearable price was exacted of the Soviet soldiers and citizens in protecting the free world from Nazi fascism: more than 10 million Russian soldiers and over 11 million Russian citizens were killed in heavy battle.

Israel’s government, with the agreement of the Russian government, has proposed to show the gratitude of the people of Israel by erecting a monument to mark the Red Army’s victory over Nazi Germany. The monument will be a source of pride for the Israeli public, which includes one million immigrants from the Former Soviet Union among whom many are veterans of the Red Army and descendants of these warriors.

Keren Hayesod, in cooperation with the Israeli government, is pleased to announce a public prize-bearing competition for the design of a Victory Monument, a national site marking the Red Army victory over Nazi Germany, in the city of Netanya.

On Tuesday 30st, November 2010, at 10:00 am, a meeting will be held to tour the intended site for the monument. The initial meeting point will be Yad Lebanim Memorial for Artillery Corporations House, Ben Gurion Boulevard, Netanya.
It is of utmost importance to participate in the tour and accompanying briefing, but non-participation does not disqualify a submission.

? 1st prize: US$20,000
? 2nd prize: US$10,000
? 3rd prize: US$5,000
? Honorable mentions

The right to participate in the competition is given to any architects / designers / artists.

The competition regulations and protocols can be received from Keren Hayesod-UIA
Director of Development, Mike Bailey:
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