20.06.2011 Andreas Gabriel

Mud bricks with development potential

Creativity is called for when it comes to a millennia-old building technique that has scarcely been further developed in the last two hundred years. In his own residence, the mud brick specialist Martin Rauch is demonstrating – together with the architect Roger Boltshauser – that mud is a modern material that can be used for modern design. Architects: Roger Boltshauser, Zurich and Martin Rauch, Schlins The interaction of clear form and small irregularities in the material is exactly what gives this building a special charm. From its foundation to its roof, it has been created with excavated materials: for the walls, floors, arched roof, plaster, steps and even the laundry tables are made from mud in different forms. Even the façades’ stone edging, used for protecting against erosion, is made of burned mud bricks from the same excavated materials. The photos show the impressions of the usage of the building material.
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