Multipor mineral insulation sheet

Xella International GmbH
Tel. +49 203 806 9002
The sheets have a standard measurement of 600 x 390 mm with a thickness of between 60 and 140 mm and can be cut with a fine handsaw. However, their lack of flexibility makes the precise connection of adjoining elements and careful execution necessary. The material is dimensionally stable, compression proof, vapour permeable, humidity resistant and non-flammable. Its areas of application are the internal insulation of external walls, insulation of cellars and underground car park roofs, ventilated, slanted roof constructions, and flat roofs. As external insulation in a thermal insulation compound system, Multipor offers a decisive advantage over other mineral-wool or polystyrene materials that will be particularly appreciated by architects: the walls have seamless, rock-like stability and massive resonance.
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