Municipal Gallery in Marktobersdorf

This striking brick complex is situated in the town centre and comprises two adjacent cubes of different heights, with a walled entrance courtyard. The exhibition volumes are enclosed in 50 cm solid brick walls, consisting of high-strength engineering bricks of Bavarian format (32 x 14.5 x 6.5 cm). The irregular texture of the bricks and the coarse-grained mortar result in a lively surface appearance. The exhibition cubes are divided into three levels, with engineering brick pavings and artificial lighting in the basement. In the storeys above this, the spaces are flooded with daylight, which enters through tallside windows and roof lights. Instead of installing elaborate mechanical services and air-conditioning plant, heating pipes were embedded in the lower zone of the outer walls on each floor. These wall heating panels ensure aneven temperature internally and a balanced indoor climate. The exposed brickwork of the gallery complex reflects its workshop character: it is a place where art is not only exhibited, but also created.
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