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Museum and Cultural Centre in Aomori

Foto: Thomas Madlener

Architects: molo design, CDN–Vancouver, Frank la Rivière Architects, J–Tokyo

M 1:7500 Site plan
M 1:1000 Sections
M 1:1000 Floor plans
M 1:20 Vertical sections
M 1:20 Horizontal sections

Red ribbons of steel, reminiscent of a curtain, form the outer envelope of the Nebuta Museum in Aomori, a port city in northern Japan. Situated behind them are an exhibition hall, a theatre, rehearsal rooms, and a restaurant.
The architects developed their design for the facade without taking recourse to computer-supported design. A paper maquette at the scale 1:50 served as the model for the 748 ribbons, which were then transferred to full scale in sheet steel. Each of the ribbons was formed individually: a machine was developed to attain the respective shapes.
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