MyZeil Shopping Centre in Frankfurt on the Main

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Runtime: 6 min.

In its dimensions and in what it has to offer, the new mall »My Zeil« exceeds anything one has seen in Germany hitherto. What's more, the expressive architecture matches the things on offer. In a spectacular, expressive manner, the facade curves conically inwards. Only when viewed from the front, however, does the tapering funnel reveal its true form, namely an opening through the entire building that allows a view of the sky to the rear. These grand gestures are continued internally. Another horn-shaped glazed funnel extends down from the roof through four storeys to the entrance level. It not only serves to bring natural lighting into the depths of the building; it also froms part of the load-bearing structure, which is in the form of a freely shaped lattice shell.

Architects: Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, Rome

Concept/Editing: Andreas Christoph Schmidt
Camera: Holger Schüppel, Schmidt & Paetzel Fernsehfilme GmbH by order of the Goethe-Institut, 2010
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