New Concert Hall in Copenhagen opens

The 5,000sq m concert complex features four separate music halls, varying in size, with the main auditorium seating 1,800 guests. It is the new home of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. A translucent fabric is stretched over a structural cube-shaped frame of concrete and metal and at night a montage of video images, ranging from concert performers to abstract fragments of form and colour, is projected onto its exterior surfaces.

Commenting on the building at the opening night Nouvel said:
“When you see the building during the day you have a kind of feeling for what is behind the screen, but not really, and it changes a lot with the light. When the sun is lower you see the skyline of the building inside and the framing of the glass facade behind the screen. It is a paradox between a very simple building, and you feel that inside, but you don't really know what is there, only that it is complex. So it is this relationship between simplicity and complexity that is the base of the design.”

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After a construction period of six years, the Copenhagen Concert Hall by Jean Nouvel opened last Saturday evening. It is part of the new DR (Danmark Radio) Town located in the northern part of Ørestad, a new residential and commercial district on the outskirts of the city centre.

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