New Headquarters for Spiegel

Hamburg, Larsen, Spiegel

Henning Larsen Architects has won an international architectural competition for designing the Spiegel Group’s new headquarters in Hamburg. The winning project comprises 50.000 m2 and is located on Ericusspitze in the inner harbour of Hamburg. This will be an outstanding building in Hamburg’s harbour.

The Spiegel Group is one of Germany’s most famous media companies. They publish one of the country’s leading journalistic magazines, Der Speigel. The Spiegel Group is a modern media house. With this new media house Spiegel will have a house designed with great emphasis on flexibility in the use and openness in relation to the surroundings.

The project comprises two U-shaped buildings. Their movement and vibrant appearance is an interplay inspired by sailing ships, the white paper and light. The buildings create two plazas. An arrival plaza towards Brooktorkai and a plaza for staying at in connection with the wharf promenade.

Henning Larsen Architects’ project is designed with emphasis on creating a sustainable building. Natural ventilation makes it unnecessary most of the year to heat or cool down the rooms. One solar cell facility on the roof covers most of the power need. Together with a number of other environmental initiatives this is the basis for the jury panel’s emphasis of the project’s sustainable character.
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