New juice-bar in NYC's Financial District

Juice-Bar, New York, Kennon

Kevin Kennon, Principal of Kevin Kennon Architects, infuses a new design aesthetic to the historic 100 Williams Street Building in NYC’s Financial District with the opening of Booster Juice, the lauded Canadian Juice and Smoothie Bar chain this November.

Kennon leads a design trend of modernizing and reviving monolithic building spaces downtown with the fresh design of the juice bar, the first of its kind to open in downtown Manhattan. Kennon, master design architect, comments that his design concept is “Airstream meets Chia pet.”

The once low-visibility retail location in the atrium at 100 William Street is now alive with contemporary whimsy thanks to a simple metal-clad enclosure with playful sculptural elements. This addition adds visual, auditory and kinetic interest to the existing space. The enclosure features an uninterrupted ‘picture window’ that connects the juice bar to the atrium. An array of aluminum rods spike upwards from the roof of the enclosure; lit from the base, each rod takes on a life of its own as it sways, shimmers and rustles via wind movement within the atrium.
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