Office Building in Berlin

This five-storey factory with a steel skeleton frame structure was built in 1910 as a rear courtyard development. It has undergone many conversions and changes of use in the course of its life and was in a dilapidated state prior to rehabilitation. The existing substance was retained as far as possible, although various later additions were removed. The former driveway was closed off with all-glass elements and will serve as an entrance hall. The main east façade in white-glazed engineering bricks and the existing timber box windows were restored. In the attic storey, a new gallery level was inserted. The existing supporting structure was exposed; the steel roof structure above is new, although the original cross-section and the eaves and ridge heights were retained. The upper roof area was clad in titanium-zinc sheeting. The lower section of the mansard is in a glazed post and beam construction. Aluminium cover strips stress the horizontal glazing divisions, while the vertical ones are unobtrusively sealed with silicone. The stepped glazing to the opening lights is adhesive fixed and in the same plane as the fixed glazing. A discussion cabin, with frameless glass walls and black timber sliding doors, does not impede the flow of space. The gallery level receives daylight via a strip of skylights along the ridge and is linked to the lower level by a steel staircase. The warm brown tone of the fibreboard shelving units contrasts with the generally white, grey and black coloration.
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