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Ofis Architekti is an architectural office from Ljubljana, who finished a series of interesting projects in their country during the last years. Tetris Apartments was a social apartment-project that draws its name from the popular game. Others include an extension to the city museum of Ljubljana or a football stadium in Maribor.
Completed in October 2007, apartments-project in Ljubljana shows a colorful and successful solution for the highly restricted requirements, as the apartment block is social type and was sold to Slovenian Housing fund. The cost per square meter had to be 650 EUR/ m² since the selling cost was 1200 EUR/ m². The given urban plot of the building was 4 floors high, 58 meters long and 15 in width. Long after the elevations were planned many people associated them to Tetris game, so that is where the building got its name from.
The awarded project of the city museum’s extension and renovation has already been completed in 2004. The Auersperg Palace, which is located in the heart of the protected historical city centre dates back to prehistoric eras, from roman and medieval times. The labyrinthic and disconnected spaces were to be restructured so that they were made suitable for hosting museum programs. Ofis proposed a spiral walk passing the exhibition spaces and connecting elements between the wings of the palace.
In the Slovenian city of Maribor, the architectural firm finishes this year the project of the new football stadium. The brief was to convert the field into a football stadium and extend the existing building with covered and additional public programme such as 4 big gymnasiums, fitness-club with swimming pools, shops and restaurants. The project proposed a ring of tribunes weaving above enclosed base with public programs. The lowest and the highest point of the tribunes are defined by the quality of the view of the spectator.
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