Old hospice, St. Gotthard Pass

Ever since the 13th century and at more than 2000 meters above sea level, travellers, pilgrims, and merchants have found refuge in the old hospice located in the frugal landscape of the St. Gotthard Pass. Repeatedly destroyed by war, fire, and landslides and then rebuilt, the originally heterogeneous building ascends defiantly and archaically within the landscape, extended by an additional story beneath the new lead-clad roof. Numerous dormers indicate the presence of new guest rooms. The architects maintained the facades and the chapel situated in the northern half of the building and only removed a more recently added story. At the same time, they almost completely renewed the spatial organisation of the hospice, in order to avoid complex reconstruction of outdated interiors. Solid interior walls and ceilings were introduced on the lower floors. In addition, a wood frame construction placed along the ­interior of the old natural stone facade provides sufficient thermal insulation and serves as support for the new wood beam ceilings and roof construction.
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